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June, 2023
True food allergies are unfavorable reactions to proteins found in certain foods. Up to five percent of people are sensitive to, or have adverse reactions to, certain foods. Very small amounts of an unfavorable protein can cause reactions.

There are only 9 priority allergens recognized by the FDA. These account for 90 percent of the cases involving allergens in this country. They are: Fish , Wheat, Soy Products, Milk Products, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Sesame Products, Crustaceans/Shellfish and Egg Products.

Although sulfites don’t cause a true allergic reaction, Sulfite-sensitive people may experience reactions similar to food allergies. The best way to control allergens in the facility is through hazard analysis and hazard management.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission was created in 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization. Its purpose is to develop food standards and guidelines.

This committee also develops related texts such as codes of practice. Veronica Foods Allergen Program will consist of the following, Management Commitment, Allergen Identification, and mapping, Communicating with Suppliers, controlling product development and Purchasing, Receiving, Allergen Risk Assessment and labeling., rework, and Employee Training.